Last year, I started a reading challenge that added to my TBR pile. Perhaps that’s unfair, but it didn’t help me to reduce the pile. And I spent last month reading books at the start of series that I now want to continue, which really hasn’t helped.

And now we have Lockdown 3 to entertain.

It seems that this will be more similar to Lockdown 2, workwise, than to Lockdown 1, so I’ve decided my reading for this year will focus on the TBR pile. And drastically reducing it, so I don’t feel quite so guilty about adding eleven books to it. Or, indeed, of buying those eleven books.

Last spring, I pulled all my unread books off the shelves and put them where I’d see them, so I’d read them. That didn’t happen. They merely gathered dust in the pile instead of on the shelf. I think I managed to read one or two of them.

I subsequently returned them to the shelves. I think it’ll be easier to motivate myself to read them if perhaps I only take a few off at a time. A pile of four is less overwhelming than a pile of, say, twenty.

And, looking at this pile, I think the books I’m starting this year with are later additions to the TBR pile and so aren’t shown here. Oops.