Earlier this year, I tried ink-blending.

I got myself the special blending tools for crafters – different varieties to see which was best for me – and failed to do very well. So I stopped. Turns out, I’m a bit heavy-handed with these things.

But I kept finding tutorials and reading things, particularly about make-up brushes. And since I really wanted to have another go, I got myself a cheap set of brushes to see if they really did make a difference. (Not being the sort of person who wears a lot of make-up, I didn’t have any to hand.)

The answer, of course, is they do. No doubt more expensive brushes would do even better – mine have a tendency to lose the hairs. But the heavy-handedness doesn’t matter with these and it’s much easier to control the ink, to build it up layer by layer.

At the same time as the brushes, I also got low-tack tape, for the straight lines. I like the effect with the larger stamps crossing the coloured strips just as much as with the dew-drop-dash backgrounds.

Of course, it does also help that I’ve now built up my ink-collection to include more shades of the same colours. That also helps with blending backgrounds.

Now I just need to practise the heat-embossing, and stamping sentiments on straight…