At the beginning of October, I spent a weekend rearranging my office/craft room. Naturally, this involved pulling all of my supplies out of their then-homes and reorganising them. As always with this sort of thing, still a work in progress.

But, as part of the reorganisation, I made a few desk tidies. I was originally trying to make something to put all my packs of stickers, but I’m still trying to work out the right dimensions. Instead, I came up with things the right size for the sorts of supplies that just accumulate, and always look untidy. Like post-its. And stamping blocks. And glues.

The idea for these projects came from Pootles Papercraft, although I adjusted the measurements to fit with what I was putting in them. And for use with A4 card.

And I really like the combination of the green with the bird paper. I suspect I’ll use it on a card at some point.

Perhaps, one day, I shall make a co-ordinating set, with pen-pots.