It has been a very grey and rainy few weeks. Very autumnal, it must be admitted, but dull and depressing and the nights are noticeably dark quite early.

So my granny square this time is the Sunburst Granny Square, in mostly bright colours.

This one was quite a fun pattern, and very different from previous granny square patterns. For me, at any rate. I haven’t previously done one with a circular centre, or puff stitches, or cluster stitches before. And this pattern has all three.

And even though I made four of these – one to learn, two and three to fix it in my brain, and four to make sure it was stuck – I still think I’d need to go back to the pattern/a YouTube video if I made it again.

Actually, I think the more important lesson I’ve learnt from this granny square is not to fear a yarn-change. Although, I suppose it’s laziness, not fear.