Even though the last lot of mini cross-stitch kits I got from Hobbycraft involved lots of hideous fractional stitches, and even though I have a whole bag of mini kits still to be stitched, when I saw this year’s Christmas kits, I couldn’t resist.

Imagine my surprise, and joy, therefore, when I got them home and discovered the fractionals were all in the back-stitching!

As with the others, these will become card-patches, though I haven’t got that far in the card-making process. I have a couple of other Christmas kits to stitch first, and, no doubt, the WOXS subscription will bring me more. And I still have all the old ones from previous Christmassy magazines that I didn’t stitch at the time.

Probably I won’t get through them all this year, but with the Plan in place, and not just a vague idea, perhaps this time next year I won’t have quite so many kits to get through. Just the big map, which I haven’t touched in a while…