Ever since June, when I wrote about how I keep on top of my editorial schedule – the ideas, the drafting, the posting – I haven’t.

Stamp Let Your Dreams Take Flight

Oh, I’ve had the schedule down: I’ve known what and when. I just haven’t prepared. Not in the way I aim to be, or in the way I had been most months previously. I was drafting, editing, scheduling the weekend before they were due, not the month before, like I prefer. Which means I’ve been rushing for the last few months, and changing the schedule to recycle old posts so I didn’t need to come up with so much new content. Not my best work, but at least I was keeping going, right?


Except the cycle of rushing and not being happy with what I was doing fed into a vicious circle of general lethargy about the whole thing and being even less inclined to get things ready in advance. It’s a cycle that has happened several times since I first began this project, so many years ago, and which normally leads to a hiatus for a month or three.

It didn’t help that I wasn’t following the schedule. I was rushing to post and just doing any old thing. An awfully untidy way of doing things.

But reorganising my crafting space over the last month (it’s still not quite done), and even with the continued presence of the work-computer, has helped to break the lethargy. And helped me to look again at my schedule. I might not yet be back to where I want to be with regards having everything (or nearly everything) written and ready to go a month in advance, but one thing at a time.

For now, the lethargy at least is (hopefully) vanquished.