Christmas Cat

I know, it seems early to think of Christmas (and I have lots of birthdays to deal with before then!), but there’s never enough time in the crafting world, so you have to start early.

This Mouseloft Christmas-cat reminds me a little of one of the cats I grew up with. He was aptly, if not very originally, named Ginger, and he made it to the grand old age of about 19, which isn’t bad for a cat. (To be fair, the other two cats we had when Ginger joined the family were as originally named Blackie and Tabby, so it’s no surprise that Ginger got Ginger. Apparently there was a previous cat named Cat.)

We’d had him since he was very tiny, when his mother, having weaned him and decided she couldn’t cope with or didn’t want to keep her litter, abandoned him in our garden (reports from those who remember – not me! – vary as to where in the garden), where he was discovered by my siblings, mewling pathetically.

We had another ginger cat for a few years, a stray who ingratiated himself. He’d come and go, sometimes for months at a time, until the time when he didn’t come back. Normally he’d be with us for the winter, getting fat, and go off for the summer.