World Map

Sometimes, I manage to have a few days where I work solidly (or fairly solidly) on my map.

And then I have a few weeks, or a month, away from it.

When furlough started, right back at the beginning of April, my single aim for my time was to finish this map. I don’t think it’s even half way done yet. It probably didn’t help that I started my good intentions by ignoring it, and working on Paris and then the Celtic Hound.

However, it does now have all the continents with all of their mountains, which is a start. It’s the surrounding border that’ll be the real killer, time-wise. But next up will be the various sea-creatures.

I found a gorgeous print of this map in one of the local charity shops back before all this time-at-home started. It had gold foil highlights. But I thought M might not appreciate it, given that he bought me this cross-stitch kit, and I’d barely started it at the time.

I might just have to work out a way of adding some gold and silver threads to it. Just a few little glitters. Or maybe the glow-in-the-dark thread I got because glow-in-the-dark.