I haven’t crocheted in a while. I forget when I last did any. Christmas, maybe.

In my reorganising of my crafting supplies and space, I came across a couple of crochet-related things I’d forgotten about.FreebieYarn

One was a box of little balls of yarn, mostly of the sort that come with magazines. I’d started to turn some of them into granny squares, of two different patterns. Probably I was building them up to make a blanket, but then been distracted by a different project.

The other thing I came across was a book of 99 granny square patterns. I notice, though, that they aren’t all squares. There are triangles and hexagons in the mix too, and probably other shapes.

I like granny squares. They’re simple, as a rule, and can be easily finished in a relatively short length of time, so it’s easy to build up enough for a blanket.

But my Crochet Challenge to myself is simple: to work my way through the 99 patterns, learning, no doubt, lots more crochet stitches as I go, and building up lots of patches to turn into a blanket.