This is the second completed unfinished project this year – I still haven’t worked out an answer to the Paris problem, though.

This isn’t a specifically Celtic design, though. Such patterns are common on Viking-age runestones in Scandinavia.

Celtic Hound1

It’s a good design. I’ve said before I quite like large blocks of one colour – it makes it easier to stitch as you only need to count one way, and then you can stop concentrating for a while as you go back. The flip side of this, though, is that it can take longer to feel like you’re making any progress with the piece.

This took me about a week of afternoons on the sofa, plus another for the back-stitching. Not, after all, such a large project.

And now I must decide if it becomes a cushion-panel or something to hang on the wall.


My next Unfinished Project is the considerably larger world-map, and which is being done in fits and starts. It’s of the size that I definitely need to take breaks occasionally, and find a project I can complete quickly, to remind myself that it can be done.

World Map Beginnings