Sometimes I wonder whether I should be recording more of what’s going on in the world now. Like the Mass Observation diaries of WWII, recording ordinary, everyday life for the duration. Although, I notice that it began in 1937 and continued until the mid-1960s, and then was revived again in 1981. I presume it already has participants covering Covid-19.

Besides, my life hasn’t changed much, beyond the fact of having to stay at home and not go out to work. I’m not the social variety, and usually have to spend my weekends recovering my equilibrium so as to be able to face the next week at work. Not that I hate my job or my colleagues, but I prefer fewer people and a quieter environment.

Stamp Let Your Dreams Take Flight

All this enforced unsociability is probably hellish for the more extroverted among us, which might give them a better understanding of how all the normal sociability of life feels for the more introverted in society. I doubt it, though. I see a lot of things about when life goes back to “normal”. To be honest, I prefer the current “normal”.

I’m also hoping refusing unsolicited hugs, and insisting on one’s personal bubble-space, will be seen as less weird after this, though.

For me, though, Life in Isolation continues as a lovely drift through the days of reading, writing, crafting. A gentle pace, wherein I get to determine my interactions with the Outside World.

Mouse Party

I’ve been baking – I have my recipe posts planned for the next few months (although I have made that easier for myself by reducing the number of recipes each month to one) – and now mostly feel a bit like the above mice.

How are you finding life in isolation? Are you desperate for it to end, or does it suit your temperament?