Most years, I think about making my own Christmas cards. Most years, I start thinking about them and planning about September time.

But most years, I fail to actually start making them until early December, by which time all my enthusiasm has waned and I decide to only make them for the important people. Even if they’re quick cards.

A few years ago, my cross-stitch magazine came with a kit for tags. Little patterns which could be stitched up over an episode of something. I liked them; they worked well. I keep meaning to use the Mouseloft patterns for cards. One day.

This year, even with my lovely Gemini, I have still left it late before beginning my cards. Still practising, you see. I thought I’d keep it simple, this first year, and leave the more complicated ideas for next year, when I’m more experienced.

I’m still working on the stamping side of things, although it does give me an outline for my glittery gel pens.

Do you make your own cards? How far in advance do you begin your crafting?