Back in the old days, when I moved to Sweden for a year, I got a Kindle. They were still relatively new and shiny, and an internet connection did not come as standard. Mine has an experimental version of the internet, though I don’t think I’ve ever really used it. It still has its first, slightly too small, cover.

In my excitement, I filled it full of classics I thought I ought to read, and modern freebies which sounded interesting.

I didn’t read very many. I discovered that I preferred a Proper Book. Especially for the classics. I was more easily distracted from my reading on my Kindle. And so my Kindle gathered dust. Occasionally I pulled it out to have another go, to see if I could get along with it, but generally I went back to expanding my print library.

In the last year or so, though, I have discovered that I can read some books in eBook form. Not all, just some. Well, those I’ve read before, and therefore don’t need to concentrate on, or can leave for a while between reads.

And so, pulling my Kindle out of storage, I have reduced the titles on it from about 120 down to under 30. All of those worthy classics, gone. The freebies I never read, gone. All that remained were the few I’d managed to read and enjoy, and those which were copies of books on my shelves.

Now I’m rebuilding my Kindle library to reflect my print library, for travelling purposes, and to purchase copies of those I’ve borrowed from public libraries (or friends) and enjoyed.

I still prefer to turn paper pages, but my Kindle has its place too.

What about you – eBooks, print books, or both?