This is a more traditional sort of fudge, made by carefully boiling the ingredients to a specific temperature. Usually this takes ages. Or it seems to anyway – watched pots and all that. Unfortunately, you can’t really go away and come back again, just in case it gets too hot.

So, once the sugar-cream-butter mix has dissolved and reached the required 113C (and I’m not sure whether I prefer my digital sugar thermometer which I have to hold steadily in the middle of the mix or my mother’s mercury filled one which she uses for jam and clips happily to the edge of the pan), it gets split into two. One half has dark chocolate added, the other gets white chocolate.

Once the chocolate has melted, the dark mix is poured onto the (this time) foil covered tray. Some cherries are liberally strewn over the top, before being covered by the white chocolate mix. The rest of the cherries are scattered in a haphazard and carefree manner and the whole is left to set for several hours. Then it gets cut into squares and eaten. Because it’s not there to look pretty.

Verdict: it’s fudge. Definitely fudge. I think it beats the no-fuss fudge simply because it’s more of a crumbly sort of fudge. And I prefer that sort of fudge.