I’ve been blogging, on and off, for about six years now. The last few years have been more off than on. The result, I feel, of 50-hour working weeks. I think I had a month back in January where I didn’t have to work that much, but then it started up again.

It only stopped about a month ago.

Now I’m starting again with my blog, with a shiny new name and look, and lots of good intentions for a planned-in-advance editorial calendar.



Most of my projects are either cross-stitch or crochet, but sometimes I have a go at making clothes and things with paper.


I’ll read anything that sounds interesting. Or sits still long enough. My comfort-author is Georgette Heyer: I can reread her books time and again.


Mostly these will be National Trust places – my partner M and I recently joined and we’re trying to make the most of our membership – but no doubt there’ll be other places too.


Cakes and cookies, fudge and truffles. Among other things.